Brian Leathem

2 minute read

It seems like just yesterday that I found myself awestruck with awestruct, and yet here I am today reviving my blog with a new site building tool called Hugo. The motivation for this was two-fold.

  1. My awestruct/Asciidoctor gem configuration had fallen out of date, and needed some TLC to get working again.

  2. I wanted to learn Go.

While I’ve successfully migrated my blog/site to hugo, I have not managed to realize goal 2 and learn about Go in the process! If anything this speaks well of the Hugo project, and the degree to which they’ve abstracted away the site building aspects when working with the tool.

The mirgration process was fairly straightforward. The most time consuming part was converting some older textile formatted posts into markdown. The Pandoc tool proved to be quite useful with migrating the textile. There are a few holes left, but the converted markdown redners successfully. For my more recent posts authored with Asciidoc, I was able to take advantage of the Hugo / Asciidoctor integration. All I had to do was prepend appropriate YAML frontmatter to my asciidoc files.

If you are looking for a site building tool yourself, I can highly recommend Hugo. It is indeed incredibly fast, has a rich and expressive templating mechanism, and a rich ecosystem of themes available. I chose the hugo-future-imperfect, which I plan to fiddle with and customize over the coming months.