Brian Leathem

3 minute read

crosspost from: Last November we published the PatternFly roadmap where we put forward the idea for PatternFly 4 and 5, an effort around web components, and a CSS rewrite. Alpha releases for PatternFly 4 and PatternFly Web Components delivered initial progress on these efforts. However, the story has grown more complex with the introduction of additional PatternFly framework repositories. In this post we will provide a status update on our delivery of our roadmap, and explain how all these repositories and future versions tie together.

Brian Leathem

4 minute read

Patteryfly 4.0.0 Alpha.2 Release crosspost from: In the PatternFly Roadmap we outlined our future plans for PatternFly and laid out the goals for the PatternFly 4 release: Providing initial support for Angular 2 application development Updating the libraries on which Angular-Patternfly is built Making the dependence on jQuery optional when consuming Angular-PatternFly Today, we are excited to announce our first PatternFly 4 alpha release, PatternFly 4.

Brian Leathem

8 minute read

The Patternfly Roadmap crosspost from: The UXD team has been hard at work churning out PatternFly releases at a regular cadence, steadily increasing the number of design patterns and design pattern implementations. In recent releases we introduced a number of changes aimed at simplifying the consumption and contribution processes for both designers and developers. There are a number of ways we want to improve and scale out PatternFly that can’t be addressed without introducing breaking changes to the project.