Brian Leathem

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Patteryfly 4.0.0 Alpha.2 Release

In the PatternFly Roadmap we outlined our future plans for PatternFly and laid out the goals for the PatternFly 4 release:

  • Providing initial support for Angular 2 application development

  • Updating the libraries on which Angular-Patternfly is built

  • Making the dependence on jQuery optional when consuming Angular-PatternFly

Today, we are excited to announce our first PatternFly 4 alpha release, PatternFly 4.0.0-alpha.2  (we had to skip 4.0.0-alpha.1 due to some known issues).  This blog provides some highlights of the release, please check the release notes for PatternFly and Angular-PatternFly for further details.

The PatternFly 4 changes are centered around the javascript implementations of our patterns.  The patterns and their CSS implementations have not changed since PatternFly 3. There are no API changes to PatternFly Core, however you will want to refer to the migration guides for PatternFly and Angular PatternFly for details on migrating your applications to PatternFly 4.


Directive to component migration

The primary driver for the PatternFly 4 release is to enable Angular 2 development through the re-factor of our Angular 1.x directives into Angular 1.5+ components.  These components can be used in a “downgraded” Angular 2 application.  All directives have been converted to components, except the pfRemainingCharsCount, pfFocused, pfValidation, and pfFixedAccordion directives.  We have provided a Angular 2 quickstart that can be used as a starting point for your own PatternFly Angular 2 applications.

Optional jQuery

With PatternFly 4, we’ve refactored our Angular modules to enable development of Angular-PatternFly applications without bringing in the jQuery dependency.  To take advantage of this, include the patternfly-settings.js file from the PatternFly dependency, rather than patternfly.js.  More details can be found in the associated Github Pull Request.

Table View Component

New common component work has landed in PatternFly 4 with the introduction of the Angular-PatternFly Table View component.  The table view component leverages the angular-datables port of the library we are using in PatternFly 4.  It brings the highly requested table view pattern implementation to Angular.  Check out the Angular-PatternFly docs for more details on using the table view in your Angular applications.

PatternFly Core

jQuery component split

We’ve refactored the monolithic patternfly.js file into a number of separate source files with this PatternFly 4 release.  The goal was to better enable developers to locate functionality and contribute to PatternFly.  The individual files are still packaged into a single file at build time, mimicking the PatternFly 3 distribution, as such there is no migration step required in this regard for your applications.

Ruby now optional for building PatternFly

Ruby is no longer required to build and contribute to the PatternFly project.  Ruby was required due to our use of jekyll to provide code samples that are used in both the development of PatternFly components, as well as live examples on the site.  Having to install ruby and the associated gems however presented a source of frustration and an impediment to contribution from our javascript developer community.

To overcome this hurdle, we’ve implemented a javascript tool to render our jekyll test pages using the liquid-node library.  The full jekyll build is however still available for those who have ruby installed.  See the README for instructions on toggling the javascript/ruby build for PatternFly.


The migration steps associated with the above changes are being tracked in PatternFly migration guide and Angular-PatternFly migration guide wiki pages. These migration guides are works in progress, please suggest any additions as you migrate your own applications.

Next Steps

We will follow up with additional PatternFly 4 alpha releases as we solidify our API and component changes.  Once we are API stable and feature complete we will have a Beta release, followed by a final 4.0.0 release.  We will  continue with PatternFly 3 releases until PatternFly 4.0.0 is ready.  After the 4.0.0 release, we do not plan to have anymore PatternFly 3 releases.

PatternFly 5

PatternFly 5 development has continued concurrent to the Patternfly 4 effort.  We are planning a 5.0.0-alpha.1 release in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned for blogs and announcements detailing what we’ve been up to with PatternFly 5.