Brian Leathem

1 minute read


We’ve taken a break from our RichFaces 5 development to deliver a micro release of RichFaces 4.3. Today we are announcing that the first candidate release of this micro release is now available: RichFaces 4.3.2.CR1.

div(alert alert-info). To try out this release: You can download the distribution directly, or for maven users, increment the RichFaces version in your pom.xml to 4.3.2.CR1. For more information on setting up a RichFaces 4 application, refer to our getting started guide.

Release Notes

The issues addressed in this CR release are detailed in the 4.3.2 Release notes. The issues address bug fixes, library upgrades, and improvements to our testing infrastructure.

Please take the release for a spin, and let us know how it works for your application. Our extensive QA test suite is currently underway, we’ll release the final release shortly provided no blocking issues are uncovered.


With this 4.3 micro release nearly complete, we’ll be shifting focus back to RichFaces 5. We hope to get the first Alpha release of RichFaces 5 out within a week or so - so stay tuned!