Brian Leathem

4 minute read


I am excited to announce the release of RichFaces 4.3.4.Final. This 4th minor release of the RichFaces 4.3 release series is conservative in scope focusing on providing bug fixes to our stable release branch while we concurrently work on RichFaces 5.

To try out this release: You can download the distribution directly, or for maven users, increment the RichFaces version in your pom.xml to 4.3.4.Final. For more information on setting up a RichFaces 4 application, refer to our getting started guide.

Release Highlights

With 47 issues resolved, RichFaces 4.3.4 is a substantial bug-fix release, offering improvements in a number of components including the select components, extendedDataTable, popup panels, and a4j:log.

Additionally we upgraded our Atmosphere dependency to the latest release (1.0.17) to ensure RichFaces Push continues to work with the upcoming JBoss EAP 6.1.1 release. A big shout out to @jfarcand and his Atmosphere community for accepting our pull request and getting an updated release out in a timely manner. Working with Atmosphere as an upstream project is truly an example of OSS at it’s best!


  • RF-11275 - showcase - rich:popup - Sample Modal panel - after changing the size of popup there is double shadow

  • RF-11691 - [rich:select] value disappears if you click between list and value

  • RF-12345 - JS error when pressing ESC on an open inplaceSelect in IE

  • RF-12853 - rich:inplaceSelect: JS API bugs

  • RF-12929 - PickList change event not firing correctly when ordering objects in target area

  • RF-12943 - ExtendedDataTable: clearing of filter input doesnt work correctly

  • RF-12989 - Documentation for togglePanelItem is wrong and 4.2.2 components are not working anymore in 4.3.0.Final

  • RF-13010 - Popup panel inside popup panel: button not rendered in IE10

  • RF-13017 - richfaces-bom 4.3.2.Final, JSF-API 2.1.0 not compatible

  • RF-13035 - Simpleapp Archetype: mobile version shows modal dialog

  • RF-13046 - EDT in EDT: when @frozenColumns is equal to number of columns then there is no vertical scroller in EDT

  • RF-13053 - Showcase: push doesn’t work on EAP 6.1

  • RF-13057 - Kitchensink Archetype: update enterprise version of JBoss BOM

  • RF-13058 - Kitchensink Archetype: JSF community site link doesn’t work

  • RF-13059 - Richfaces quickstart README files contain links that to be updated

  • RF-13060 - Issue in initializing the list of selected items in a Picklist

  • RF-13086 - Popup panel: button’s label is invisible in IE8

  • RF-13094 - Wrong extendedDataTable header widths when narrowing columns

  • RF-13098 - Regression: mediaOutput broken for CDI MediaData beans

  • RF-13102 - rich:calendar with date pattern- input gets cleared on click

  • RF-13106 - Quickstart names in the POM files are not consistent and often are not clear

  • RF-13107 - ajaxRenderer component are renderer even though they are in non-active switchable panel, causing JSF to fail to update DOM

  • RF-13117 - ExtendedDataTable Sorting resets $(window).resize Events

  • RF-13119 - kitchensink-rf test-ds.xml does not use a unique datasource JNDI name

  • RF-13125 - a4j:log swallows the message from jsf.js’s sendError method

  • RF-13133 - ExtendedDataTable: filterType=custom doesn’t work when mixing custom and built-in filter columns

  • RF-13136 - a4j:log with mode=console doesn’t take log level into consideration

  • RF-13137 - a4j:log - wrong log levels in attribute description

  • RF-13140 - PopupPanel: Hide @visualOptions and @keepVisualState options which weren’t implemented yet

  • RF-13142 - Showcase: mediaOutput sample is not working with MyFaces

  • RF-13149 - a4j:push in Metamer doesn’t have subtopic name

  • RF-13161 - rich:notifyMessages CSS incorrect on MyFaces 2.x

  • RF-13174 - Correct the WFK version of the JBoss BOM used in the archetypes

  • RF-13195 - Showcase: Unauthorized deserialization attempt with MyFaces

  • RF-13205 - Photoalbum: Hibernate error during deployment

Component Upgrade

  • RF-13132 - Upgrade JBoss Java EE BOMs to 3.0.2.Final

  • RF-13154 - Upgrade Atmosphere to 1.0.17 (a4j:push fails with CNFE for org.apache.coyote.http11.upgrade.UpgradeInbound on latest EAP 6) Enhancement

  • RF-12784 - Showcase readme - update deployment from eclipse part

  • RF-13097 - showcase: update readme with password for jbas7 profile

  • RF-13150 - Remove JMS functionality from the RichFaces showcase

  • RF-13153 - Update version.compiler.plugin and jboss.maven.plugin versions in the quickstart POM files

  • RF-13169 - Replace hardcoded version in Arquilian FundamentalTestConfiguration with project version property - from pom file

Feature Request

  • RF-13038 - Command button/link: attribute tabindex missing

  • RF-13063 - RichFacesInputNumberSlider setValueByDragging

  • RF-13159 - Add Maven compiler properties and remove Maven plugin from the the quickstart POM files

  • RF-13185 - Quickstarts: Modify GAV to use org.jboss.quickstarts.rf


  • RF-13189 - Update jquery-atmosphere.js to 1.0.17 in 4.3.x

Moving forward

We are actively working on RichFaces 5.0.0.Alpha2 that will feature some re-worked components taking advantage of our new decoupled component architecture and making use of standalone javascript widgets to provide a more robust client-side implementation of RichFaces components. Look forward this a new Alpha release in the coming weeks.