Brian Leathem

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The RichFaces stable branch receives an update with the release of RichFaces 4.3.7.Final. This most recent micro release of the RichFaces 4.3 release series provides a number of bug fixes while we concurrently work on getting a JSF 2.2 compatible RichFaces 4.5 released.

To try out this release: You can download the distribution directly, or for maven users, increment the RichFaces version in your pom.xml to 4.3.7.Final. For more information on setting up a RichFaces 4 application, refer to our getting started guide.

Release Highlights

This release resolves 13 issues, making RichFaces 4.3.5 a small bug-fix release. Hopefully this reflects well on the stability of the framework! The issues themselves address fixes for the tab, popupPanel, push, contextMenu, pickList and showcase. Full details of the fixes included are available in the release notes below.


  • RF-11417 - Tab: investigate why @action does not work

  • RF-11427 - rich:tab - actionListener

  • RF-11736 - rich:popupPanel x domElementAttachment="parent"

  • RF-13569 - Photoalbum: the change of users avatar doesn’t work

  • RF-13592 - a4j:push doesn’t work after rendering

  • RF-13613 - ContextMenu doesn’t show on mouseover

  • RF-13616 - PopupPanel autosize with togglePanel doesn’t resize

  • RF-13629 - popupPanel - minWidth, minHeight, maxWidth, maxHeight are not ignored when autosize == true

Component Upgrade

  • RF-13364 - Upgrade Mojarra to 2.1.28 in RichFaces 4.3.x


  • RF-13478 - VDL documentation typos

  • RF-13506 - Incorrect information on showcase fileUpload sample page (maxRequestSize description)

  • RF-13564 - rich:pickList shows an outline when clicked


  • RF-13512 - Photoalbum: port fix from RF-13498 to RF4 photoalbum

Moving forward

We are finishing off work on our RichFaces 4.5 release to address JSF 2.2 compatibility with the RichFaces 4.x branch. This has necessitated we put RichFaces 5 development on hold, but we feel will be worth it to get JSF 2.2 support in a stable release sooner rather than later.