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Great news, Seam Faces 3.0.2.Final has been released! It is available for download via the JBoss Nexus repository. Primarily a bug fix release, Seam Faces 3.0.2.Final resolves some compatibility issues with MyFaces, thanks to contributions from Christian Kaltepoth. Additionally, José Freitas has contributed some fixes to issues with the UIInputContainer. A full list of the bugs fixed is available here.

I’m very excited about the community involvement in this release, and with more community members coming forward with features they’d like to see implemented/improved. If you have you’re own itches you’d like to scratch, feel free to comment in the forums, file an issue in JIRA, or drop in on IRC. Then it’s stratight to the source to fork the project on github! You’re pull requests are very much appreciated!


Brian Leathem