Brian Leathem

3 minute read

This week’s Seam 3 Community hack night is centered around Seam Faces. This is a great chance to mingle with some CDI/JSF developers on IRC, and get your fingerprint into the Seam Faces DNA! Whether you have your own itch you want to scratch, a long-standing bug you want to see resolved, or implement a new feature altogether, we’ve got plenty of low hanging fruit ripe for the picking!

In preparation for the hack-a-thon, I’ve given the Seam Faces JIRA issues a once-over. I’ve collected a number of issues that I feel are ready to be resolved into a JIRA version calles 3.1.0-Tracking. I’d like to highlight a few of the issues here, and perhaps motivate you to come join us at the hack-a-thon to resolve some of them!

SEAMFACES-122: Type safe navigation!

Of all the low-hanging fruit, this one has to be the juiciest! Implement a Navigator utility class to map the @ViewConfig enums to their String @ViewPattern’s for use in JSF navigation. Imagine using your IDE to find all usages of one of your views - type safety FTW!

SEAMFACES-26: Implement global protection against XSRF attacks

Help the community of Seam 3 developers make their apps more secure by implementing a scheme to protect against XSRF attacks! Think hidden form field, view state and a random number generator.

SEAMFACES-28: ObjectConverter and EntityConverter

Let’s resurrect the Entity Converter from Seam 2. The EntityConverter is persistent context aware, and will use the primary key of your JPA/Hibernate entities to handle JSF Conversion.

SEAMFACES-150: Refactor BeanManagerUtils to make use of Solder’s BeanManagerLocator

Are you aware with the Seam Solder API? Want to learn more about how to wield this powerful tool? Here’s a refactoring that will surely get you more comfortable with how to use Solder.

SEAMFACES-6: s:debug

This issue is very well documented in JIRA, and just needs someone to put the pieces together. What a great tool to add to your arsenal once complete!

SEAMFACES-185: Add support for activating beans based on the JSF project stage

Christian Kaltepoth has done a great job with this issue, but we’ve got a tough nut to crack. How to parse the web.xml before the Servlet Context is available? If you got some ideas here, help us bring this one across the finish line.

SEAMFACES-184: Extend an example to demonstrate events propagation features

Familiar with Seam Faces, but don’t feel up to hacking on the core? How about writing an example application, to demonstrate some of Seam Faces’ cool features?

SEAMFACES-152: Create documentation for using Seam Catch in Faces

Another great way to contribute to the project, without writing a single line of code is to contribute docs! Help other Seam 3 devs figure out what you already know!

These are just a few of the issues ready to be solved during the hack night. So drop by on IRC, and give us a hand squashing some issues. At the very least, I’m sure you’ll have fun!