Mobile JSF with RichFaces

Writing mobile web applicaitons with JSF and RichFaces

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The mobile web is a hot topic; many developers are curious about how they can tap into this market while leveraging their existing skillset and technology investments. The good news is that as a JSF developer, you can make your application mobile by taking advantage of the mobile compatible components and other framework improvements introduced in RichFaces 4.1.

The RichFaces “Kitchensink” quickstart will be used as a case study to demonstrate best practices in making RichFaces applications mobile compatible. We will explain how to overcome obstacles of existing desktop-based frameworks (like JSF) by using capabilities available with HTML5. Attendees will also learn about the mobile web’s “single page” programming model and how they can convert any existing web app to work on mobile devices.

This presentation will leave you equipped to bring both new and existing RichFaces applications, to a mobile audience. You’ll have a firm understanding of the concerns to be addressed when developing for the mobile platform, and how Richfaces is equipping you to deal with those concerns.

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