Brian Leathem

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We have a second candidate release for RichFaces 4.5 (4.5.0.CR2) available. We’ve fixed a couple of regressions uncovered by both our community and QA team. Thanks guys! Read on for the specifics of what was fixed in this release.

To try out this release: You can download the distribution directly, or for maven users, increment the RichFaces version in your pom.xml to 4.5.0.CR2. For more information on setting up a RichFaces 4 application, refer to our getting started guide.

Compatibility with RichFaces 4.3: RichFaces 4.5 is intended to be backwards compatibility with RichFaces 4.3 and should be a drop in replacement into your applications, requiring only changes in your pom.xml.

Any breaking changes with RichFaces 4.5 are being tracked in our GitHub wiki migration page. Please update that wiki page with a Pull Request if you find any incompatibilities.


  • RF-13217 - ITFileUpload framework test freezes on PhantomJS

  • RF-13839 - Drop-down menu page fragment should have show event aligned with the component

  • RF-13845 - Showcase select sample - new autocomplete like sample has wrong color or typed text

  • RF-13851 - Selected item in rich:select is not highlighted.

  • RF-13852 - When rich:select is included in EDT, navigation with up/down keys in the select list is not possible.

  • RF-13854 - The width option of the style attribute in rich:select does not work

  • RF-13860 - Richfaces Photoalbum example - tree navigation doesn’t work after deployment into EAP-6.3.1 with JRE-1.6

  • RF-13862 - Headers are stationary in rich:extendedTable with tabbed rich:column movement

  • RF-13864 - The tab key does not render the value when entered manually in rich:select

  • RF-13865 - Revert the rename of a4jSkin to richSkin, changing it back to a4jSkin

  • RF-13869 - page-fragments: editor: switching to correct frame

  • RF-13872 - Ajax doesn’t accept array in execute/render anymore

  • RF-13874 - integration tests: tests with Category FailingOnPhantomJS are skipped on Chrome

  • RF-13875 - RF 4.5 : a4j:push component fails on reconnect in push-demo

  • RF-13876 - Command button/link, jsFunction and poll missing parameter bypassUpdates


  • RF-13301 - Favor use of Page Fragments in Framework Tests

  • RF-13853 - page-fragments: refactor implementation part of orderingList, pickList

  • RF-13870 - showcase tests: select correct war classifier for activated integration profile

Feature Request

  • RF-13859 - Selecting an item while typing in rich:select does not work when enableManualInput=false.

Next steps

We will again let this 4.5.0.CR2 release "bake" in the community for the next week, and determine from your feedback whether or not we need a 4.5.0.CR3 release. If no blockers are found, we will proceed with our 4.5.0.Final release. So please be sure to this release out in your applications and file any issues ASAP!